Cross-border Partnership & Area of Intervention

The geographical area of the EnvironmentYou project’s activities covers a big portion of the total Greece and Bulgaria eligible area. All Greek partners are located inside the Central Macedonia Region, with the administrational body of the Region being part of the consortium. The region is the second most populated region of Greece, but also one of the most productive in the agricultural field. The landscape is a combination of flat fertile areas and mountainous varying environments. The same counts for the side of Bulgarian border area. The total of the intervention area is active in agricultural sector. The population is suffering from internal migration towards the cities and the rural areas are facing a lack of youths to actively take over modern open area activities. Also, for the total of the INTERREG eligible area, human activities are posing a threat for the environment, combined with climate change and global warming. In relation to the above challenges, the project is aiming to tackle them by incorporating the novel approach of adopting eco-friendly practices that will not only maximize economic performance, but also serve as a driver for environmental protection and enrichment.