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Question from Teodor Vasilev:

• I grow Mursal tea. In 2021, its development was very weak. How can I improve the growth of the culture?

Answer from Ivan Manolov:

• Mursal tea is not very demanding on mineral nutrition, but still needs all the nutrients necessary for its growth. Nitrogen has the strongest effect on the growth and development of tea, so I recommend that you import 10 kg / dca of ammonium nitrate before planting and another 10 kg / dca of ammonium nitrate. Higher nitrogen fertilizer rates should not be imported, because due to the lighter forest soils there is a danger of washing away part of the fertilizer and pollution of the environment.

Question from Adile Mersim:

• After pruning the trees in the gardens, I burn the cut wood. Can I use it in another way?

Answer from Ivan Manolov:

• The combustion of organic waste (in your case wood) releases carbon dioxide and nitrogen oxides, gases that cause global warming. A much better solution is to shred the finely cut twigs and compost them.

Question from Yulian Bankov:

• I have an orchard and I raise sheep. My orchard is located on a slightly sloping terrain. How can I reduce soil erosion in the garden?

Answer from Ivan Manolov:

• The best way to reduce soil erosion in your case is to mow the garden. Grass vegetation will best protect the soil from erosion. At the same time, your sheep can graze the grass and not allow it to compete very strongly with fruit trees.

Question from Zornitsa Patilova:

• How can I reduce the use of insecticides in my vegetable garden?

Answer from Ivan Manolov:

• One way to reduce the problem of pests is to grow mixed crops, ie. to grow different plants in one bed or in parallel beds. Here are some examples of such mixtures: - Sowing calendula around and in areas sown with tomatoes and peppers - Carrots and onions - Sowing basil near tomatoes, eggplants and peppers and others Some plants emit volatile substances that repel pests. For example, the smell of onions repels the carrot fly.

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