Consultation center

Tatyana Bileva - University Education Scientist in the field of Environmental Sciences

  • Care to optimize the use of natural resources (such as water, energy and raw materials) and their saving practices.
  • Avoid the creation of waste that is a waste of money and natural resources that turn into waste without added value or utility to the consum.
  • The long-term investment in the protection and restoration of the natural environment, where it is endangered.
  • Management of nature and natural resources.
  • Clean technologies, technologies against pollution, decontamination and waste recycling.
  • The use of renewable energy sources (RES).
  • Basic identification of possible energy saving and energy efficiency measures for each activity.

Ivan Manolov - Certified Spatial Planning and Development Engineer

  • Characteristics and prospects of environmentally friendly agriculture.
  • Good agricultural practices.
  • The production of organic products from the primary sector.

Ivan Penov - Legal Advisor

  • It will provide detailed information on the main, but also more specific, legal framework related to and relevant to the business in question.
  • It will inform about the observance of the legislation in the field of environment.
  • It will answer more general questions that need legal advice and guidance, such as starting a business.

Aleksi Aleksiev - Financial Management and Basic Administrative and Secretarial Support

  • Informing stakeholders about:
    • sectors for the provision of all types of environmental services,
    • production and marketing of ecological goods,
    • development, marketing and use of technologies, materials and services for measuring, preventing, dealing with environmental impacts.
  • The communication of the green characteristics of the business and the production activity of the company.
  • Opportunities to reduce the company's operating costs by improving its environmental performance.

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Tatyana Blagoeva Ortomarova - Consultant on behalf of PB 6 RCVET to CCI-Blagoevgrad

  • Plant protection and fertilization.
  • Agri-environmental protection.
  • Viticulture and vegetable production.

Lazarin Kostadinov Banichanski - Consultant on behalf of PB 6 RCVET to CCI-Blagoevgrad

  • Regional Plant Protection Service- lead specialist.
  • Agronomist engineer.

Snejana Petrova Dzhuganova - Consultant on behalf of PB 6 RCVET to CCI-Blagoevgrad

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